50 Shades of Cray

Dear Concerned Mothers

I’m writing this in response to the many articles that you’ve been sharing on your Facebook pages after the release of the film, “Fifty Shades of Grey”. You worry, I understand, about a lot – snotty noses, bullies… Nobody underestimates the strain you take trying to keep your little chickens safe. So please, try reading this with an open mind and without taking offense.

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Diet Tricks

Dieting is never easy – never. Even those “lifestyle” or “moderation” diets where you “can have a crumb of cake every second week so you’re actually not giving anything up”. I am such a foodie and will always be regardless of how many slices of toast I deny myself. So, I tend to go for the “lose it all in a week diet” that should actually be called “it comes back… doubled” diet. 

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Chivalry is Dead (YAY!)

The phrase “chivalry is dead” should be as matter of fact as “people eat to survive”. Instead, it’s spoken with a sigh, a shrug, a similarly dismayed tone to how someone might say: “my hamster is dead”. Why do people say this as if it’s a bad thing, and not a natural product of gender equality and mutual respect? Of course chivalry is dead – it’s 2015! “Chivalry” is the medieval knightly system that governs the actions of a knight by a religious, moral and social code specifically relating to how he treats a woman. Chivalry is dead because the era it belonged to is dead, too.

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