Stalk Dirty to Me

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I’ll be honest with you: I am a very active Facebook stalker. (Falker? No? Ok.) I make no effort to deny that if I have you on Facebook, I am 99% likely to have had a look at our mutual friends, looked through your photos and browsed through your interests. I’m given flack for it, but can I help it if I’m really curious? At least I don’t stalk to strangers, right? I reserve my expertise for people I know (it’s more fun that way anyway).

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When I Grow Up

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As a child, I was loud and had absolutely no concept of “volume control”. I said exactly what was on my mind when it was on my mind. I would sing for people that did not ask for me to do such and I ate a significant number of these sour flower stalks I used to find in my garden. Basically, I held blissful childhood ignorance as to what it means to have “social etiquette”.

Dramatics were a particular strength.

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The Hangover

Exam time is looming and, as per usual, I am filled with brilliant ideas of how to waste my time. I could be doing more important things; like starting an addiction to “Breaking Bad” (I’ve heard it’s really good) or reading one of the four set works that should be finished by my English exam next week.

Instead, I will engage with a very introspective and profound topic: Hangovers. Otherwise known as the universe’s pitiless way of saying: “you can’t have your cake and eat it”.

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Intention vs Impact

People often weigh the extremity of an act of discrimination on a scale that evaluates intention. We try reach a moral verdict based on whether or not the perpetrator had intended on causing harm. Unfortunately, this can’t always be the ice pack to the burnt area of society. It’s a concept I was very familiar with growing up:

“Sorry doesn’t make it better”.

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I’ve just applied for a production course within my BA that will lead to my specialisation in Journalism. Two things have happened since I handed in my application portfolio:

1. I have had a series of disturbing nightmares (that’s if I can fall asleep before the sun rises). Last night, I dreamt that they rejected me on the basis of my grade 11 marks and that was particularly upsetting after how long I spent putting together my portfolio. The worst is the reoccurring one in which everybody who applied gets their picture posted on Facebook with the text: “ACCEPTED” or “REJECTED” spread diagonally across the photo (social media is inundating my brain for the worse – blame exams).

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The Famous Five

I have a leopard print onesie that I love with all my heart, even though it is starting to smell really weird. Do you have an item of clothing or maybe piece of jewellery that you never, ever plan on chucking out? I suspect that my reaction to someone trying to take it away from me would resemble some of the crazies that feature on Trinny and Susannah’s “What not to wear”. Picture the scenes where someone begs and pleads for the non-disposal of their matching tie-dye suits? That’s what this onesie is like to me. Continue reading

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